About us

We wish to introduce our company OMINET TECHNOLGY, a duly registered Limited Liabilty company which has distinguished itself in the area of information and communication technology, and also in the field of safety and security industry.
Amongst our areas of expertise are; vehicle security/ tracking as well as the provision of office and home security solutions ranging from Digital Surveillance, Access control and our newly introduced Comprehensive GSM based home security system, marketing and branding, consultancy, networking, hardware engineering, VSAT solutions, web programming and development, software development, sales of computer and security gadgets.

Why you need us

In Nigeria of today, security is hardly guaranteed in spite of the gallant efforts of the various security agencies to stem the tide of theft of man property armed robbery and incidence of assassination. Increasingly many cases of carjacking and reported annually with some even perpetuated by men posing as policed officers statistics do not favor assist retrieval in a lot of these cases as conventional car security systems, including some sophisticated factory fitted ones, have not proven to be adequate deterrents. However there is no need for you to wait till you are victim of these circumstances. In view of the above, Ominet Technology has taken a bow step towards providing security solutions that not only elevate the safety of our client property both vehicle and building security. But also create a union between the car owner and building owner his cherished vehicle building and immediate family / associates / drivers. We also help our clients to monitor their vehicles from their phones and their buildings.