Ominet Multiconcept Limited is a licensed company to carryout foreign trade in various finished and unfinished manufactured products. We are into the trade of Agricultural products, Agro-allied, Agro-chemicals, Pharmaceutical products, Cosmetics, Solid minerals, Fabrics and Tannery(Leather works).

We have our clients in united states, United kingdom, Europe, Asia and Africa. One of our major partners in fabrics is Abablem (in the United Kingdom) and Timberland (for leather materials). The Nigerian government through The Nigerian Export Promotion Council is increasingly encouraging Nigerian industrialists

, businessmen and agriculturalists to export more non-oil products so as to grow the country’s export index, create jobs, and in the long run stabilize Nigeria’s economy.The potentials of non-oil exports are largely untapped due to over dependence on crude oil exports which generate an estimate of over 90% of Nigeria’s exports.

Following the recent resolve by the Nigerian government to give more support to agro-allied products, the costs of exporting farm produce and other related products from Nigeria will be favourable, thereby making the export market for agro-allied products more promising.