Anti Explosion Fireball


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Fire Extinguishing Ball

(Fire Ball):



this is a handy choice for putting out potentially  dangerous fire flame in  only 3 seconds  before  it spreads .




fireball is a self activating  portable extinguishing device that auto-activate when in contact with open flame.

it is a simple life saving and cost effective  device that will decrease  the risk of fire especially  when no one is there to checkmate  the menace as it is about to spread. when fireball comes  in contact with fire,  within 3-5 seconds  it will explode  and the dry chemical will automatically extinguish the fire .    at only 1.3kg  Fireball can also be lifted,  rolled or thrown into the fire source even by toddlers. fireball is designed  with advanced  technology  with advanced technology  to deal with most classes of fire  before  it spreads.  with a product lifespan of 5years,  fireball  is environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing  to be installed  in  high risk areas of the factory, office or home such as kitchen, data centre,  chemical  storage area,  living  room warehouse,  shopping  mall, thatched  roof structure, power changing  switch/substation etc