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How The Speed Limiter Works

Are you worried about your driver’s over speeding or your speed on the road? Then this is exactly what you need for your all your company vehicles! We offer the best service in Nigeria for your full fleet management.

Speed limiters on late model vehicles work via the computer software instructions that are integrated within the various engine management functions.

The system relies on data received from sensors that supply “road speed” information to the primary computer – thereby signalling the requirement to restrict ‘specific’ engine management performance. These control processes are usually “spark” restriction or fuel restriction, or a combination of both. The result is totally effective for restricting Top Speed without affecting performance in any way. That is, it does not affect engine power – until a predetermined “activation” speed is reached. Here is a quote for the Federal Road Safety Commission-

In a bid to create a safer motoring environment across the country, Federal Road Safety Commission in line with the resolutions reached with Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON), National Automotive Design and Development Council of Nigeria (NADDC), and other stakeholders has made it compulsory for all vehicles nationwide especially and starting with commercial vehicles (buses, trailers, tankers and trucks) to install Speed Limiting Devices with a deadline of October 1st, 2016.

This is essentially what you require as a company or a car owner. Safe your company the expenditure for fixing broken vehicles due to accidents. Get a speed limiter for all your company vehicles and private cars today.

Ominet and Nigeria FRSC

We as a company along side the Federal Road Safety Commission has engaged in creating awareness on the importance of using a speed limiter and also the hazard to face if a car limiter isn’t installed.

Ominet and Nigeria FRSC

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