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We wish to introduce our company OMINET TECHNOLGY, a duly registered Limited Liabilty company which has distinguished itself in the area of information and communication technology, and also in the field of safety and security industry. Amongst our areas of expertise are; vehicle security/ tracking as well as the provision of office and home security solutions ranging from ...




Ominet and Nigeria FRSC

The Seminar was Aimed at Educating the FRSC Official Towards The Effective Prosecution of Offenders.

Our Publicity crew which is headed by Miss Bukola Farinade on the sensitization of the FRSC officials at various units of the Oyo state Command which is tailored to aid the FRSC officials in the effective prosecution of road and traffic offenders.

Ominet and Nigeria FRSC





ICT and  Non-ICT based safety and Security Company leveraging on our technical expertise and a global paradigm of best practices to deliver optimal services and a guarantee of best results.Time and again experience has taught us that safety and security issues are either PAY NOW or PAY LATER situations. It is therefore better to proactively make reasonable investments.

Recently and regrettably, one of the most predictable set piece of daily tragedies in Urban Nigeria is Conflagration and Gas Explosion leaving in their wake significant losses of lives, properties and attendant social and economic dislocations.

Cursory Forensic Fire/Explosion Investigation on some of these tragedies confirm that most of them are avoidable. Thus we have come with the solutions as stipulated below:

  • lnnovative fire taming and anti-explosion
  • a unique mixture of fire resistant and non-combustible alloys mechanically produced via a patented three dimensional engineering system either in a mesh, ball or textile format (depending on purpose)
  • fire, blast, moisture, corrosion and heat resistant
  • mitigates the potential hazards of fire and explosion within the most culpable risk elements such as LPG (Cooking Gas), Oxyacetelane (Welding Gas), Petrol, Diesel , Kerosene, Electrical Spark etc
  • does not alter or have any effect on the chemical composition of the petroleum product stored in the tank
  • Only about 1% of the internal storage space is lost to the installation of Xplosion Control
  • Post installation, Xplosion Control requires little or no maintenance

This solution is ideal for schools, companies, industries, petrochemical facility, military facility, tertiary institutions, and many more.